There is a good chance that you have seen targeted Google Ads while you were searching for something on the internet. Whether it is an ad that followed you, or one that was designed around your searches, Google Ads and attorney pay-per-click services for law firms can bring significant success to lawyers throughout the country.

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, ads are a preferred and highly successful law firm marketing resource. The problem is, if they are not designed around a campaign that allows you — the attorney — to assess your goals and deliver a specific outcome, they can feel more like a waste of money.

If your law firm’s Google Ads do not meet specific criteria to reach your target audience, they will fail at increasing traffic and converting more qualified leads into actual clients. That is why we are here.

PPC management for lawyers is more than creating and publishing ads through Google’s advertising platform. It is part of your overall attorney marketing, designed to deliver a cohesive brand identity that delivers a trusted attorney profile to the type of clients you want, while filtering out those you don’t.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we are legal marketing experts who provide complete PPC management for attorneys across the nation who are seeking a targeted approach to growth and success.

If you are ready to customize your attorney marketing, so your advertising dollars reach only the people most likely to become your clients, we’re waiting to hear from you.

How Can My Law Firm Achieve Success with Google Ads and PPC Management

Advertising your law firm with Google Ads is not a new concept. In fact, you have probably tried it already, and felt like your monthly PPC budget continuously disappeared, without converting enough clients to support the campaign.

As a leading law firm PPC management agency for attorneys throughout the U.S., we have heard the trepidation in many of our new clients’ voices when we recommend a Google Ad strategy. Changing their minds requires a strategic approach to producing results.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we can alleviate your frustration and help you build a targeted PPC campaign that fits your goals and budget, so we can use different targeting methods to reach potential clients right when they are searching for your services.

Our law firm PPC management services create effective attorney PPC campaigns, tracks results, and improve your focus, so you can physically account for conversions through new, signed cases. Let’s talk.

How Can an Experienced Attorney PPC Management Company Help My Law Firm?

Choosing a law firm PPC management company is much like choosing an attorney. Your clients want someone who can help them envision results, then effectively implement the strategy that will allow them to move forward with confidence. Your legal experience, skill, and resources help you stand apart from your competitors, and produce real results for real people who need your help.

So do ours.

PPC For Lawyers

Why PPC management seems straightforward, and a marketing tactic skilled attorneys can design and operate on their own, a single failed PPC advertising campaign can sour you to the approach. This could derail your law firm’s complete marketing objectives going forward.

Partnering with an experienced Google Ads and attorney marketing PPC agency will allow you to meet your specific advertising needs with authority.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we build Google Ad campaigns that:

  • Define your unique law firm objectives.
  • Design tailored campaign types.
  • Set a satisfactory budget to control spending.
  • Choose appropriate bidding factors to ensure your campaign is designed to meet your specific goals.
  • Develop mobile-friendly ad campaigns to reach more than half of searches that originate from mobile devices.
  • Add extensions to your campaign to include additional information like more website links, directions, or a click-to-call phone number.
  • Create ad groups related to the same targeting goals.
  • Select specific targeting goals to define how narrow or broad the audience for your ads will be, including keywords, audiences, locations, topics, devices, and remarketing, or show your ads at certain times of day, and specify a location and language.
  • Set up conversion tracking to help you trace the actions you want clients to take on your website.

While it is true that you decide how much you want to spend, and pay only when someone clicks on your ad, lawyer PPC management can help ensure your ads are in front of the right people, so your resources are not wasted on an insufficiently targeted audience.

Choosing the Best Attorney Legal Marketing Agency for your Law Firm’s Needs

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we believe in partnering with our clients to not only provide the best legal marketing available for their law firm, but to help manage their expectations, so they can make informed decisions about their marketing dollars.

Each of our clients wants dedicated, driven results. And it is our goal to deliver. Depending on your law firm’s location, size, practice areas, and budget that will mean something different for everyone.

If you are looking for a lawyer marketing firm that will allow your four-person team to eclipse a firm with over one hundred attorneys in the same practice areas, we wish you the best of luck — along with whoever says they can get you there.

Here, we produce results that fit each of our client’s needs — whether they are one attorney or one of the largest firms in the country — using customized attorney marketing strategies for their geographical area, target markets, and overall goals.

That means increasing click-through rates by several percentage points by targeting how narrow or broad their audience may be, and honing in on prospective clients who need their type of legal representation — right now.

We build specific budget parameters that are unique to the campaign, either through a recommended bidding focus, automated bidding strategy, Target Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), or Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Once the Google Ads and lawyer pay-per-click services are in motion, we provide real-time conversion tracking to significantly improve your ability to assess the effectiveness of your ads, targeting, and overall campaigns.

We are not here to promise you the world. We are here to help expand your law firm’s reach, so you can pursue and convert the types of clients that will allow you to successfully grow. Contact us today for more information or book a free online consultation with one of our partners to learn more about our law firm PPC services.