Depending on how long your law firm has been in business, there may have been a time when your website was nothing more than an online business card. If that is still true, you have probably experienced a significant decline in rankings, traffic, and conversion rates.

The reality is, even if you have overhauled your online footprint in the past decade, a lot has changed, which makes website designs for attorneys even more integral to any law firm’s success.

Like all businesses, your law firm’s website design must be more than slick images and mobile optimization. Its overall form, function, and ability to be found by Google and other search engines are what will set you apart from your competitors and place you directly in front of prospective clients who need a lawyer right now.

To get in front, and stay in front, of your target market, you must ensure your website is optimally designed to persuade them to choose your law firm to represent them in an important legal matter.

Your law firm’s web design and functionality are your opportunity to make the best first impression possible — whether you are a personal injury, family, bankruptcy, business, or criminal defense attorney.

That is why we are here: To help potential clients know they are in the right place while encouraging them to stay on your website longer and ultimately take valuable action.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we are legal marketing experts who provide complete client conversion solutions using website design for lawyers as a launching pad for your law firm’s growth and success.

If you are ready to customize your attorney marketing, so your budget is allocated appropriately between your law firm’s website design and development, SEO, and PPC campaigns to reach only the people most likely to become your clients, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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What Does a Successful Law Firm’s Website Look Like?

Our law firm marketing specialists begin each new or re-designed website by assessing each attorney’s overall brand, so their website is an extension of both their physical and digital identities.

This means having meaningful conversations with our clients that build trust and increase transparency, which translates to professionally integrated design and development elements that reflect a cohesive marketing strategy.

That includes:

  • Design simplicity to ensure it is easy to read and even easier to navigate, so visitors find specific information and complete an action.
  • Visual hierarchy, which includes arranging and organizing website elements that allow prospective clients to naturally gravitate toward the most crucial elements first.
  • Consistency in the overall look and feel of your attorney website — including backgrounds, color schemes, typefaces, and even the tone of your content — should be streamlined across all pages to have a positive impact on the overall user experience.
  • Responsively designed to display properly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Design accessibility, so anyone can use the website, including people with injuries, disabilities, or limitations that affect their browsing experience.

Cultivating a reputation for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in your specific legal areas is necessary and integral to your online marketing success and overall conversion rates.

Are you ready to evaluate your law firm’s website design, development, and optimization to ensure the user experience is second to none? Find a date that works for you, and we will examine the results together.

How Can I Find the Best Attorney Marketing Agency to Assess My Law Firm’s Website?

Attorney marketing and website design should boost your prospective clients’ confidence in your law firm’s ability to successfully manage their cases. Period.

Law Firm’s Website Design

An easy-to-navigate website is essential to converting visitors into quality, paying clients. For some attorneys that means a complete website overhaul. For others, it means incremental improvements that can go a long way to achieving success.

As one of the nation’s best attorney legal marketing agencies, our skilled professionals start at the beginning by evaluating your existing law firm’s website and overall marketing efforts to see where we can help.

That includes:

  • Evaluating your existing website content and structure.
  • Analyzing your search performance and user behavior.
  • Anticipating the differences in target audience search behavior while providing keyword research that reflects those findings
  • Outlining new, compelling, and useful legal content development recommendations that will influence users, including unique keywords that your target audience uses in search queries.
  • Providing expertise in specific markets and geographies.
  • Developing attorney websites for complete optimization, from images and structured data to schema markups and valuable accessibility.
  • Providing technical advice on website development, including hosting, redirects, error pages, and the use of Scripts.

At the Attorney Marketing Network, we are not interested in how much we can charge our clients for our website design and development services.

We are more interested in becoming partners who believe in the value of educating our clients on website design, navigation, internal links, naturally flowing hierarchies, simple URLs, and directory structures that provide insight into how users reach and behave on their websites, so they understand the value of our services.

We are not here to promise you the world. We are here to help expand your law firm’s reach, so you can pursue and convert the types of clients that will allow you to successfully grow. Contact us today for more information or book a free online consultation with one of our partners to learn more about our law firm website design services.